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Updated: Feb 2, 2023

A5:RESORT is a virtual space in which we host artists and designers, inviting you to take a peek into their work. Our next guest is the design & art direction studio Eurodance.

Hello Tal and welcome to our Resort. What did you choose to present?

We choose to present one of our most recent project called "META LIFE". It’s a personal photography project. The series is the staging of a multitude of combinations of abstract items.

The idea was to represent in volumes a variety of modern abstract combinations, putting together abstract shapes, playing with the contrast and light in a particular way. A quiet, mysterious look emanates from the geometrics parts, this way arranged together.

Like often in our projects, we play with space perception and a contrast between order and chaos, especially with the occurrence of the chain, that draws the depth of this abstract landscape.

Each shadow, edge or surface can be read as flattened and become a full part of this composition. In the creative process there was a playful side, building an assembling, like with construction toys, in order to create a picture.

Who are you and where are you from?

Eurodance is a Berlin based design & art direction studio founded by two frenchies Tom Singier & Jean Leblanc in 2015. We have a multidisciplinary approach, between art experimentation and graphic design. Our domain: graphic design, interactive direction and photography.

Tom Singier is a HTW Berlin graduate. He works as a freelance art director. In 2012, he opened Serigraffeur Galerie, specializing in the sale of fine art prints.

Jean for his part, has graduated from Ecole des Gobelins in Paris. He worked as an art director for several years in advertising agencies. For the past 3 years, he has dedicated himself to his illustration work.

Jean has collaborated with prestigious brands including Rayban, Louis Vuitton, Printemps Haussmann, and Nokia.

We decided to found a design studio combining our experience and expertise. Eurodance is born from our desire to join our respective talents.


What inspires you?

Right now our studio is quite young and we are trying to establish our handwriting first , and to show with some personal project, that our studio has its own identity. By doing that, we are much inspired by contemporary art.

We try to take a handmade approach in our creative processes. We create our visuals and typefaces ourselves. Our style would be a kind of a functional and minimal design treated in a sensual and baroque way. Some works are about space perceptions, some are composed with daily objects giving a surrealist touch, others just combine geometric elements for rather abstract compositions.

At the end, our aim is to provide a tailor-made solution for each project. Furnishing a original concept, an adapted and functional art direction for a variety of purposes, such as Brand Image, Set Design or Editorial. It’s not about a medium or technical skills, but we have to be ready to use any communication tools available

Tell us about a significant moment in your career/work/life

We both have our respective careers, and we can probably say that the decision to found Eurodance together is a significant moment for both of us.


Where can we find you?

We have a website where we display most of our projects ( You can follow us on different social media as well, Behance is where we have the most feedback so far.


What is the best place we shouldn’t miss when visiting your town?

There are a lot of interesting small Galeries here in Berlin, but Serigraffeur Galerie is our favorite. (


Who would you like us to invite to the A5 Resort?

Wait, who invited us ?

I guess you should have a look at our friend Guillaume Kashima (


Well, thanks for being our guest and have a pleasant stay… cheers!


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