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A5:RESORT is a virtual space in which we host artists and designers, inviting you to take a peek into their work. Our next guest is the Ordinary Magazine.

"Ordinary is a quarterly fine art photography magazine which takes a refreshing look at the mundane objects around us"

Hello Ordinary and welcome to our Resort. What did you choose to present?

The second issue of Ordinary. The magazine takes a refreshing look at the mundane objects around us. Every issue revolves around one of these ordinary objects, which also comes as an extra inside the magazine. This object is sent to artists from around the world, to work their magic with it.

The second issue is all about the sponge. A sponge is a tool or cleaning aid consisting of porous material. Sponges are usually used for cleaning impervious surfaces. They are especially good at absorbing water and water-based solutions. Sponges are commonly made from cellulose wood fibres or foamed plastic polymers.

On average people couldn’t care less about sponges. A missed opportunity if you ask us. Ordinary is here to put the ‘extra’ in extraordinary.

© Kostis Fokas for Ordinary

Who are you and where are you from?

Ordinary is a quarterly fine art photography magazine which takes a refreshing look at the mundane objects around us. The magazine was founded beginning of 2016 by Max Siedentopf & Yuki Kappes who are currently both based in Amsterdam.

Apart from them, Ordinary consists of many talented people from all over the globe such as:

Adrian Samson, Annegien van Doorn, Beni Bischof, Blaise Cepis, Brad Downey, Daniel Eatock, Helga Major, Jaap Scheeren, Mauricio Alejo, Maxime Guyon, Paoola Paloma, Pinar & Viola, Ruth van Beek, Simon Wald-Lasowski, Stephanie Gonot, James Goodrich, Thomas Aangeenbrug, Thomas Albdorf, Thomas Mailaender, Thomas Nondh Jansen, Vendula Knopová, We make Carpets, Roger Ballen, Olaf Breuning, Harmen de Hoop, Tialda Lublink, Petros Efstathiadis, Maurice van Es, Kostis Fokas, Jacob Haupt, Inka & Niclas, Anouk Kruithof, Mazaccio & Drowilal, Bianca Pilet, PUTPUT, Augustin Rebetez, Anna Lomax & Rebecca Scheinberg, Dom Sebastian, & Yumiko Utsu.


What inspires you?



Tell us about a significant moment in your career/work/life

Yuki and Max both starred as dancers in Calvin Harris’ music video for “Summer”.


Where can we find you?


What is the best place we shouldn’t miss when visiting your town?

Go grab yourself a bike and cycle to Bloemendal.


Who would you like us to invite to the A5 Resort?

Vendula Knopová. She’s super fun and she recently published one of the best photo books ever.


Well, thanks for being our guest and have a pleasant stay… cheers!

© Bianca Pilet for Ordinary

© Inka Niclas for Ordinary

© PUTPUT for Ordinary

© Thomas Albdorf for Ordinary

© Yumiko Utsu for Ordinary

© Ordinary #2 Back Cover


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