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Updated: Feb 2, 2023

A5:RESORT is a virtual space in which we host artists and designers, inviting you to take a peek into their work. Our next guest is the artist Mioke.

"I’m faking wood texture on wood, it may look like marquetry, but it’s painted"

Hello Mioke and welcome to our Resort. What did you choose to present?

The SHELTER book with my paintings from the last 6 years.

I’m faking wood texture on wood, it may look like marquetry, but it’s painted.

Who are you and where are you from?

I’m an anthropoid ape, living on planet earth in Berlin/Europe.


What inspires you?

The painting of the woman sitting in the tree, for example, is inspired by Napoli Langa who was protesting in a tree for many days to get attention for the refugees that squatted Oranienplatz in Berlin.

I had to pass her tree every day and was deeply impressed. Every morning she was still up there with lots of police and press around.

I can be inspired by a photograph i find in the internet as well as people and places i find in the city.

It can be everything.

Tell us about a significant moment in your career/work/life

I guess i was maybe 4 or 5 years old when i drew a picture of a rainy day in the kindergarden. My teacher came to look at the drawing and said it was a beautiful one. I was looking on my drawing, proud and i thought that if i’m good in drawing maybe i should be a painter when i’m big?!

Where can we find you?


What is the best place we shouldn’t miss when visiting your town?

The hollow tree in the middle of the city. You can enter through a small hole on the ground.


Who would you like us to invite to the A5 Resort?


Well, thanks for being our guest and have a pleasant stay… cheers!


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