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Read here or see below the review the guys from ok did about our Sin issue.

“A5 is an Israeli magazine that serves as an exhibition for various work from various artists. Each issue has it’s own theme and it’s own form. Issue #9 was in the form of separate cards each artist had his own. Now it’s in the form of a bounded magazine but still the artist is the most important. Every artist got one spread to show his work. The magazine starts with the work of an artist on page 2. And then all the other artists follow just one image after the other. Beautiful images but hard to understand what it’s all about. In the end there is a small theme based text and a list of all the work with some extra information.

It must be clear that the most important thing in this magazine are the artists. It’s a real exhibition in the form of a magazine. A nice idea, nicely executed. I only have one small remark. Just like I love to read a little about an exhibition before I enter the museum it would be nice to have a little more information on the theme or the selection that is made. Apart from that nice work looking forward to the “Home” issue”.


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