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“Magazine aficionados and art buffs alike will be excited to discover two new publications that cater to the artsy and avant-garde. Dedicated primarily to visual arts, these publications are well suited to non-Hebrew speakers. First, there’s ‘A5’, an art magazine named for the size of it’s pages. Filled with artistic works from Israel and abroad, including, drawing, photography, illustration and text, A5 is a quarterly publication, with each issue dedicated to a theme. Previous issues had themes like: portrait, fantasy, obsession, the future and sex (the most recent). The next issue is scheduled for release in January 2009. For NIS 30 it’s available at the ‘Tsomet Sfarim’ book chain across Israel and other venues, including the Tel Aviv Museum shop (27 Shaul HaMelech Blvd, Tel Aviv) the Bauhaus Center (99 Dizengoff St, Tel Aviv) and the Third Ear (8 Emek Rafai’m St, Jerusalem). or online ( to purchase through PayPal. Check out A5’s website – finely designed just like the magazine itself – for more selling points, previous issues and detailed guidelines regarding participation…”

Image by Emil Bertell


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