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A5:RESORT is a virtual space in which we host artists and designers, inviting you to take a peek into their work. Our next guest is the illustrator Tal Granot.

Hello Tal and welcome to our Resort. What did you choose to present?

This is a set I started working on a few month ago. I found myself more and more interested in the leftovers of what’s familiar. In memories that might took place or I might have imagined.

Forgetting is heartbreaking for me, and with drawing these crumbs of memory I try , maybe, to accelerate their lost, so I will be already prepared to confront it.


Who are you and where are you from?

I’m Tal Granot, an artist based in Tel Aviv-Jaffa


What inspires you?

Memories. Architecture. Local news portals. Supermarket catalogues.

Tell us about a significant moment in your career/work/life

A few years ago I went with a friend in Jaffa. It was the middle of the night, and he felt like eating a bake. I entered with him to the bakery. Everything looked tired and wet. He grabbed himself a bunch of croissants but I couldn’t find anything, not even a drink. Then he told me “Tal, you don’t have to, you know”. He meant the bakes but for me it somehow came like an existential comfort. I suddenly felt I don’t have to do anything in the world that I don’t want to. And that I’m free. And I recalls it since, many times.


Where can we find you?

Website / Facebook Instagram: theresortleftover


What is the best place we shouldn’t miss when visiting your town?

I love going to parks at night and look at the lightning.


Who would you like us to invite to the A5 Resort?

My super talented best friend, Niv Tishbi


Well, thanks for being our guest and have a pleasant stay… cheers!


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