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A5:RESORT is a virtual space in which we host artists and designers, inviting you to take a peek into their work. Our next guest is the illustrator Nadav Weisman.

"This project is in its final stages – therefore I chose to share images from the working process"...

Hello Nadav and welcome to our Resort. What did you choose to present?

I chose to present my current working project: Illustrations for a baking book that will be published in “Keter” publishing house. Before I started studying in Bezalel I worked for one year as an assistant pastry chef in one of Israel’s leading bakeries. This project will combine two things I’m very enthusiastic about: Baking and Illustrating.

I’m using gouache, acrylic and black pencil – which I scan and digital coloring. This project is in its final stages – therefore I chose to share images from the working process.


Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Nadav Weisman, 29 years old. In 2013 I finnished 4 years at the department of visual communication at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem, Israel. Currently I live in Haifa, Israel


What inspires you?

Cinema, architecture, industrial design of the middle of the last century, Bauhaus, painted floor tiles, David Hockney, Mary Blair, Shmuel Katz, Dinah Washington.

When I’m stuck, I doodle faces


Tell us about a significant moment in your career/work/life

Well, my career is still in its beginning, but as someone who recently finished his academic studies, I must say that my decision of going to study in a big institute such as Bezalel have given me so much as an artist. The academy is full with extremely talented people – in each and every department, and all of them give one another from their knowledge. I studied with professors who are also active artists and creators, and I can definitely say that a lot of them are a role model for me.


Where can we find you?

You can find me at my portfolio website, And at my online shop


What is the best place we shouldn’t miss when visiting your town?

Haifa’s flea market, downtown. Great way spending Saturday morning. Then you can enjoy one of the cafes in the German Colony.


Who would you like us to invite to the A5 Resort?

The wonderful Doron Langberg:


Well, thanks for being our guest and have a pleasant stay… cheers!

Color palette to one of the illustrations

One of the illustrations with a temporary title.


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